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Institut Strategies Industrielles

2204 Rene Levesque
Montreal, Quebec H3H1R6

Tel: (514)937-9056

Contact: J. Macedo
Email: Send Inquiry

Type of Business: Service Provider, Exporter/Importer
Year Established: 1994
Annual Sales Volume: less than $1M
Annual Purchasing Volume: less than $1M
Ownership Type: Corporation
Harmonized System Codes: SC56 SC74 SC83 SC84 SC85 SC86 SC88 SC97 SC98

Business Message

Institut Strategies Industrielles (ISI)is an industrial engineering consulting firm located in Montreal (Canada). It is composed of doctors in engineering and management with 25 years of practical experience in the Canadian industry. ISI mission is to improve the performance of manufacturing firms. ISI services include support for factory design, production platform design, working procedures design, industrial design of products and international supply chain design. More information about ISI activities and contacts can be found in its web site:


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